The Set & Stage Department

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The Set & Stage Department is working incredibly hard on the props and the stage. They worked on the cars, the walls and other things that will be used on the set. They’re measuring, cutting posters and learning new things with help from teachers and professionals.


Arts Administration Committees

Program/Day of Management Committee: The main job of this committee is to manage everything during the play, they create the pamphlets, make sure everything is running smoothly and control the flow of the traffic. They make sure everyone in Arts Administration has a task to do during the play. They also oversee GoFundMe donations and write thank you letters to those who donated. Current people in this committee are Cameron Swann, Joseph Joine and Jakair Swann.

Tickets/Outreach Committee: The main job of this committee is to send invitations to the play, and create the  official website for the play. They also manage tickets and send press releases. Current people in this committee are Zakai Jones, Samarah Stanford, Jaquana Mcdonald, Latashia Samuels, Mang Sang, Shanyyah Smith and Ahkir Jackson.

Budget Committee: The main job of this committee is to manage the play’s finances of the play, make sure we don’t go over our budget and that we make a profit. They make sure the play has refreshments, snakes and advertisements.This group manages all donations, such as GoFundMe and other anonymous donations. Current members in this committee are Jaela Pearson-Sampson, Jahfari Williams and Jayden Neal.

Publicity Committee: This committee, along with the Tickets/ Outreach group send press releases. They also create the official logo and poster for the play. They send invitations and work on the website with the Tickets/ Outreach Committee. Current members in this committee are, Cione Mouzon, Andres Flores and Tyler Davis.

Costume Department

The costume department are currently sewing clothes for the actors and actresses. Each member of the costume department are assigned an actor/actress and they work closely together with them, getting their sizes and whatnot, and clothes that not only fit their actor’s/actress’ character, but the feel of the play and the scene..