Last day!

This is the last day to buy tickets! And we sold out of morning tickets! Come get your tickets now to see the play. Please, this is really the last day. Friday is when the play starts so you should get the tickets now, help us sell out of even tickets. Everyone is hoping to see you so please come and make us happy! Because we are all set for Friday. The Set group is at the place of the play putting the set on. So is the Actors so they know where to walk and now loud they should speak. The costumes are already on the actors and they are pretty, the dress, shirts, pants, everything. And the tickets are also sold out. So remember this is the last day! Come make everyone happy by having us see your face. See you there! 100_0014

Help The Tickets Committee!

Tickets Committee’s dilemma

Hello followers! The members of Tickets/Outreach committee are having a problems selling tickets for the play, So far we’ve sold 98 tickets for the morning, and 30 for the evening. Help us out, buy tickets, bring friends and family and inform others! Help us make this play successful! 9th grade students at The Workshop School are working really hard on this play, and we’re almost done, we just need people to watch are work.


Arts Administration Department


The Tickets/ Outreach Committee has sold over 12 tickets so far. The Arts Administration as a whole are trying incredibly hard to sell tickets, they’re contacting everyone they know, including their parents, friend and even past teachers! The Publicity committee is going to walk around the school building and hand out letters and openly sell tickets. The Budget Committee is working on advertisements and calculating how much money we’ve accumulated over the week. The Program/ Day of Management Committee, is working on GoFundMe donations and editing the site as we speak! Below are pictures of each committee working so far. We couldn’t get pictures of all of them, some committees are working outside.


Sound Department

100_0043Blog – 2

So far, things in the sound department are running smoothly! As you can see in this picture, Shatonya, Julia and Shaniyyah (Left and Right) are producing beats and working on a song for the play and it’s coming out pretty well, these three girls are working really hard. Shaniyyah, is focusing on the lyrics and the rapping while Julia and Shatonya focus on the beats and the production.

Acting Department

Blog 1

The Actors and Actresses so far are doing a great job memorizing their lines. These students are really dedicated to learning their roles and getting to know the character they’re portraying. They’re getting a lot of help from experts and teachers about acting techniques that they can do to help memorize their lines and get into character. The Actors and Actresses are doing incredibly well so far and they can’t wait for the play!

Purchasing Tickets

If you wish to purchase tickets in person, come up to The Workshop School, located on 221 Hanson St, Philadelphia, PA 19139. If not you can call Ms. Clark at 215-272-7091 or email ticket managers, or

To purchase tickets online push the Purchase Tickets button on the home page. If you experience any problems whilst purchasing tickets please notify Ms. Clark, information displayed above.

Sound Department

100_0301Blog – 1

The sound department is currently focusing on the music that will be performed during the show. Members of this department are working on lyrics, beats, productions and props that will be used during these songs that they’re producing. They’re excited and they can’t wait to hop in the studio and start rapping!